Monday, 28 March 2011

In Design. Workshop brief.

I have written up what I want to include in my double page spread. I have decided to concentrate on the nature article idea, basing it on Marty's sexual behaviour.

Sex creates peace not conflict for Marty, the erotic ape.

Make Love not War
Marty uses sex to sort out social tensions and end disputes.

Who said that violence is the only way to solve fights over food or territory? Instead of fighting, Marty has sex! Actually, his whole societal structure seems to revolve around sex.

The species is distinguished by its strange walk, relatively short legs, pink face and parted long hair on its head.

One of the most significant and defining characteristics of Marty is sexual behavior. Sex serves purposes other than reproduction such as appeasement, affection, social status, erotic games, reconciliation, excitement, and stress reduction. Sex occurs in virtually all partner combinations and in a variety of positions. Marty uses sex as greetings, a mean of solving disputes, making up for fights, and as favours in exchange for food.

Sex is an everyday affair in Marty society, and is liberally used to create bonds between individuals, as well as for reproduction. That said, during periods of rest grooming is the activity of choice, and is thought to provide group cohesion and ease tension.

Nonreproductive copulation is often seen with Marty as well. While Marty rarely shares food, when subordinate females beg, the likelihood that he will share is greatly increased if they first copulate.

When Marty comes upon a new food source or feeding ground, the increased excitement will usually lead to communal sexual activity, presumably decreasing tension and encouraging peaceful feeding.

Marty does not form permanent relationships with individual partners. He also does not seem to discriminate in his sexual behavior by gender. He occasionally engages in various forms of male-male sexual behaviour.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Crit feedback...

Good idea, but didnt succesfully answer the brief, posters were better. Everyone decided pranks arent lies and shouldnt have changed... maybe stuck with april fools posters. Do something on april fools? Basing around April fools really good and current... book is good... not telling a lie being the downfall. We got swayed by the crits... what was the point of the posters? Late development, could have been pushed further. What is the use of the book, get it out there. Where does the book lie... sell it, free promotional material. Needs to mass produceable. Give books out, make loads. Book well produced, sticks to two colour plus stock, designs are nice. Poster idea maybe not graphic design enough too vis com, should have develpoped it rather than completely changed. use a range of media.
Hard brief to choose... easy to tell a convincing lie but needs to be a reason to it. We told lies and told people how to lie, twisted the brief, got a bit confused. Conflicted because book is good but needs to be more relevant to brief.

Powerpoint Presentation...

Presentation boards...

Monday, 21 March 2011

Design ideas...

Seeing as theres five of us in our group we decided to each take two pranks home and each do some design ideas for the book...

Water, water everywhere and every drop to drink...
Polystyrene falls...

You can't have your cake and eat it/faux gateau...
The banana split...

Dope on a rope...

A rude awakening...

We all clearly have different styles and also Liam and Yafet are the more experienced illustrators, i feel like we have made a good start with our designs and when put together tomorrow we'll be able to find our style as a group.

Trial pranks...

Today we discussed what the ultimate 10 pranks are to put in our book. We came up with catchy names to go with them and also mocked up a quick layout. 

"the banana split"
"rude awakening"
"a weighty issue"
"you can't have your cake and eat it/faux gateau"
"polystyrene falls"
"money doesn't grow on pavements"
"a kick in the bum"
"dope on a rope"
"water, water everywhere, and every drop to drink"
"the penny drop"

After choosing the final ten we decided to try a few of them out to test their effectiveness...

Water, water everywhere, and every drop to drink...

Money doesn't grow on pavements...

Polystyrene falls...

Sunday, 20 March 2011

In Design. Workshop brief.

I have experimented a bit with Photoshop to create a photo that makes Marty look like a monkey. Not exactly amazing as I'm hardly a Photoshop pro, but it'll do for this brief as it is my Indesign skills that matter of course.

What is a line?

Friday, 18 March 2011

Progress crit

Unfortunately I was unable to attend todays crit as I was at a dentist appointment, but the rest of the group have kindly filled me in via Facebook.

Before the crit my group got together and discussed the promotional material for April fools further and came up with the idea 'around the world in 80 fools'. This would involve fools that were a mixture of the truth and lies, and where they originated, for example... 'In Peru they sacrifice a llama to bring good luck to villagers in fear of getting fooled.'

After presenting these ideas in the crit Jo was worried that the different country idea may alienate people and that we should be careful to stay within the brief. The idea developed and my group have decided to pursue the idea, 'How to create an effective April Fool, with inspiration from the greats'

I really like the sound of this idea and finally feel like we are on to something solid. Again we are going to research this idea separately over the weekend and put everything together on Monday to develop what we have further as a group.

What is a line... conversations

I have got the ball rolling with my project by recording the conversations of people around me, so far it has only been at home with my flat mates and what people in college talk about. I have found that my flat mates are more comfortable and free with what they say, maybe because they're not in public and no one else can over hear? maybe it also has something to do with the fact that they had no idea I was writing everything down! Some of it was a bit inappropriate but heres a few conversations... 

At college...
What’s the story about? Is it a story about Shropshire people being racist?
If that happened in Leeds someone would be dead by now.

D’you know what I want to do, I want my hair lighter, not like highlights.
You could dye it

I was in a really weird mood last night, I think it’s because I know I don’t have to do work, thing is we could just blitz it in the holidays.

Is Niall not here?
No ones here, if they’re not here by the afternoon they’ll be in trouble.

God I cannot draw hands and feet.
Exactly that’s why theirs books on it people cannot draw that shit.

I really really really really really really want a muffin.
Really, I want a sausage bun.
I wanted a muffin the other day but they didn’t have any.

If your gonna grab it just grab it.
Well I can’t just grab it with my sweaty fingers can I, I didn’t want to grab it and get finger prints I’m sorry I had good intentions
What’s that
Oh just pick it up with your dirty fingers

Um where’s our dear friend Marty today?
Umm working hard?

At home...
Ah man these shoes are poking into my feet, it really hurts.
Are they really old shoes
I got them for my 19th

I need to pick my nose so don't judge me.
Do you want a tissue?
Oh it's like cardboard.. aw it's right up there.

Ahh man you got paint in my mane, I'm gonna have to wash it.

You can't have my parmesan.
Please. Please. PLEASE. INDIA.
Sorry I cant take you seriously when you whine like a little bitch.

He's too happy for this song.
I've got really hyper  all of a sudden.
That's very straight paper.
I know, I dunno man I don't want to over do it, the rest are really detailed it's nice to have something quite plain.
What is this?
It's Jens shower cap.

What you doing Sadie?
Your mum.

I really need a backpack.
Talk to Rufus.
What happened to your foot Josie?
India put paint on it.
These look foreign.

Does my hair look like its been dyed? India thought it was dyed, its not been dyed ITS GREASE. Can I point out that I had a shower last night I just didn't wash my hair.

See I was going to say lol then but I started to hate myself.

I want to do something, but I just can't afford it. KATIE go and have a shower.

Gonna get my gonna have some cereal.. hahahahahaa. funny.

Ian do the wallpapers work? 
Aw friend, they look nothing like me.
Do you want some Cheerios? You missed the Cheerio party. Your hair looks nearly as long as you.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Communication is a Virus

After our shenanigans around the college, we have decided that although the posters are fun and obviously evoke reactions from people, that its time we gave our project a bit more direction. We discussed this together and began by thinking of whats happening at the moment, to keep our project current. We decided that as April fools isn't far off and obviously revolves around the idea of fooling people and playing tricks on them, that this would be perfect for our brief. 

Lies around college

Here are some of our designs around college, and some of the reactions we got...
We decided to put the poster about gravity in the lift as we thought it might cause some confusion, which apparently it did as someone was heard saying that it sounds a bit risky... brilliant!
 Directing people to a non- existent floor.

More signs...

We decided that after the success of our poster about the Macs being replaced by PCs that we should focus our designs towards college. Again we designed our own, sharing them over Facebook and posted them around college during the week, causing some reactions.

We have decided to put this one up on Saturday, as it may annoy the staff that work at Mosaic it may be better if we are not seen!
A pretty funny one, directing people to floor three... which doesn't actually exist in the college.