Monday, 30 April 2012

Secret London

In response to the D&AD competition brief, 'rebrand the financial district of London. The City.' I have decided to focus my self directed project on Secret London.

Secret London is an online community of people that share the hidden treasures of London. They have an existing Twitter page, Facebook page and website, but no logo or consistent brand identity. I want to design their logo, rebrand them, and redesign the homepage of their website. I also want to expand it from just being an online presence. I want to create leaflets, posters and physical pieces of design to be distributed around London.

Initial brief.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dreamweaver induction

For next week: Sketches of final website design.

What needs to be determined before we start designing our website...
Target audience
What the audience needs to see (determines the content)
Purpose of the website

Web safe colours
Web safe typefaces
File size
Resolution, screen size 800x600

Working with html

html stands for.. Hyper text mark up language

body of the webpage, content
close body

indicates to the computer that we are speaking in html language
closes the html language

web browser title

close title

Something thats not visible, descriptive, eg google search words

close head

For a simple website design, the html tags would go in this order


These tags will appear on every website, but with more content and complex html coding included.

Simple html coding for basic website saying 'hello world!'... the first ever website created on the world wide web.

Other tags...

script or javascript allows you to use more advanced features of the web as html can be quite restrictive.

td hight and width, is table data or tr is table rows.

metalane, google search engine, key words .

div is directly linked to css, linked to how everything is divided into boxes.

To start we need a root folder, which we can call anything you want. The web domain name is usually best. Then we need an images sub folder. Every website in the world has these two folders. A root folder and an images sub folder.

Welcome screen.
Middle column, languages.. html, PHP (if a website, Amazon for example has a lot of similar pages, like products then a separate page isn't designed for each one. A spreadsheet is made and the product is accessed and the page redirected through this).

Create a new page

You can select between three biews, code, split and design.

Create a new site

Click on the folder and select your root folder

Save your page straight away in your root folder. It will have to be called 'index' which is the internationally recognised word for your home page.

You can preview your website in different browsers by clicking on the globe.

At the moment the page is called untitled page, you can change this between the title tags.

Anything you type between the body tags will appear on your site.

Create a new document (command and n) and select css, then save it into your root folder as a style sheet.

To edit the body type in body { and a drop down menu will appear.

Always put the attributes on a new line to make it as clear as possible.

select font family.

The final css coding for the font and colour of the text.
 Save this as 'style sheet' in your root folder.

Attach the style sheet to the html by clicking on the link icon and select the style sheet file in your root folder.

Edit the style sheet to add a background colour (hash tag is alt 3)

Save and then add to your html by adding the following inside the body section of your html. If you type <div id a drop down menu showing the wrapper title will automatically appear.

Now add to your css coding to add a navigation box to your design.

Add this to the body section of you html coding by typing <div id and selecting navigation.

Open a new Photoshop document to make a logo. Add the right size and make sure the background is transparent. Make sure that the document is set to web.
 Save as web & devices as a PNG

Adding buttons

 I need to include ;


om the end of the background colour for it to work.


html colour codes...