Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Alphabet Soup

Before given the brief we were asked to look at the many different examples of letters we had collected over the summer, and then categorise them into the following groups; Italic, Bold, Serif, Sans Serif, Regular, Light, Font and Point Size. This made me realise that there is a lot more to type than initially meets the eye, especially when discussing all the potential groups that they could be put into.

We then had to pick a word out of 'The Randomizer' which would direct our brief. My word was DIVIDE...

 Following my research and development of ideas I have taken an interest in using the negative space around the letter. I am going to continue by experimenting with acetate and layering as a way to divide different sections of the letter form.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I have taken photos of recognisable places that might be handy when getting lost. I have also included handy places to go for students that are close to Royal Park flats, such as Sainsbury's local with a cashpoint and Stop and Save where you can purchase £2.50 bottles of wine.
Royal Park flats
Stop and Save
Hyde Park Picture House
Sainsbury's Local

Idea Development..

How To Avoid Getting Lost

Our chosen brief title was 'How to Avoid Letting Lost'. We brainstormed all different aspects of being lost and came up with three final concepts. One was then chosen by a different group for us to work on.
Our chosen brief:

How To... Brief


Initially we were asked to brainstorm all of the problems that we came across from being a fresher and moving away from home, for example getting lost, making friends etc. We then narrowed them down to five final problems that we felt were the most important.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Alphabet Summer Brief

As a summer brief we had to communicate our personality through the alphabet. I chose to use a simple font with illustrations, working with the actual shape and composition of the letter as opposed to what the actual letter stands for. The font was kept simple and ledgible to convey my practical side, and the illustrations were to show the creative aspect of my personality.