Monday, 23 May 2011

In Design. Workshop brief.

 I have been working on my double page spread based on Marty Edwards, and elaborated on the nature article idea. I have included the picture of Marty as a monkey and used a grassy effect underneath the headline. I am fairly happy with my final design, but if anything this brief has helped me along with understanding InDesign.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Speaking from Experience. Final prints

Here are our final postcards that me and Charlotte have printed and put together, although I am really pleased with the outcomes there seems to be little here compared to the amount of hours we actually put in. This is partly because we had to have so many inductions, but now they are all done and I feel comfortable with using all of these processes. So if anything this project has taught me a lot and made me more confident in using a broader amount of methods and media with my design work, this will improve my work and definitely speed things up for me in the future.

Here are the backs of the postcards informing the first years of the process used and where in the college it is available.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

We have designed the backs of the postcards together, we decided to keep them simple and let the designs speak for themselves. The idea is that if we produce nice prints that the first years get excited about doing themselves, all we need to provide is what process has been used and what building it can be done in then all the other information is readily and easily available. We found ourselves that once you ask that its not that hard to do and everyone is really helpful, so we felt it best to not ruin our prints by bombarding them with too much unnecessary information. Simplicity is the way forward!

I went down to ceramics to see if I could buy some wax and try out the wax seal. The man was extremely helpful and suggested what wax would be best to use and everything. I tested it out on some sample stocks but unfortunately it didn't work at all. The lines on the seal were way too thin so it would make an impression. Maybe next week when me and Char have our laser cutter induction we'll be able to modify it and get it done before the module deadline.

Today we finished off our letterpress. Although we have tried different stocks the idea was to print on to trace and layer it on top of a screen print to create a postcard. I really enjoyed this process and generally had a really good morning at vernon st. and there were no typos which is always a good thing!

After creating some successful prints, I layered them on top of some screen prints we made earlier to see which would be the best to use. My favourite is the second one.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Today we decided that we needed to spend the day at Vernon st. to use the letterpress and woodblock. As we had to wait for Rogers help to type set we started off with the woodblock.

We then set up our type ready to letterpress but unfortunately ran out of time. So we were told to come back tomorrow morning and they'll set it up for us.