Friday, 25 March 2011

Crit feedback...

Good idea, but didnt succesfully answer the brief, posters were better. Everyone decided pranks arent lies and shouldnt have changed... maybe stuck with april fools posters. Do something on april fools? Basing around April fools really good and current... book is good... not telling a lie being the downfall. We got swayed by the crits... what was the point of the posters? Late development, could have been pushed further. What is the use of the book, get it out there. Where does the book lie... sell it, free promotional material. Needs to mass produceable. Give books out, make loads. Book well produced, sticks to two colour plus stock, designs are nice. Poster idea maybe not graphic design enough too vis com, should have develpoped it rather than completely changed. use a range of media.
Hard brief to choose... easy to tell a convincing lie but needs to be a reason to it. We told lies and told people how to lie, twisted the brief, got a bit confused. Conflicted because book is good but needs to be more relevant to brief.

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