Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Spur magazine

Spur is a new magazine that is going to be launched at the end of November, just before our event. They have asked to interview us, and if we could design a poster and print 150 as a free pull out to accompany the magazine. Although they don't have the funds to pay us for our time, they have agreed to cover our costs.

We had the interview a couple of weeks ago, which went really well, and gave us the opportunity to talk about our next event and what we plan for the future. It also even helped us to establish between ourselves what we want to get out of Inpress. It is pretty clear that this is something that we want to carry on beyond graduation, whether it be full time or along side other independent work.

For the poster, me and Francesca created the image together and then Niall and Kirsty applied the type.

As Spur didn't have any specifications for the poster, we had freedom to do anything that we want. This was actually really difficult. So we started off with some sketches that Francesca had been working on for another project.

I then worked on them in Illustrator, and came up with this geometric pattern.

We have decided to screen print the image, with 'inpress design' over the top. We have chosen bright white light weight stock, as it is cheap and easy to fold into an insert for a magazine.

We have chosen to print onto slightly smaller than A4, so that it will fold over and insert easily into the zine, which is A5 format.

The idea is to screen print the pattern with multiple fluorescent and bright colours, as this ties in with past Inpress promotional work and also with mine and Francesca's initial ideas for the promotion and packaging for the next event.

 This is the mock up that I sent to Spur to OK before we went to print. They like it, but would rather we got rid of the type on the sides as it currently look too busy.

With the go ahead, we decided to go to print. Both us and Spur are really pleased with the result, and we plan to print an extra 50 to put into a publication that we are designing to give out at Creative Networks.


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