Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Choosing a Partner...

Today we had a workshop to mix things up and make sure we don't just end up working with our friends.

We were asked to make two posters, one advertising us as a designer, highlighting 5 of our strengths and one seeking a designer, highlighting 5 strengths we wanted in a partner. We then had to select different posters (not knowing who designed them) a number of times all based on different reasons (design, content etc).
We collected our feedback at the end and based on who responded to our posters we chose our partners.

Here are the initial designs for my posters, we only had a couple of hours to write the content, design these, get them to print and have lunch. I feel that I done well with the timeframe provided. I thought rather than simply listing my strengths in typical bullet point form, to put them into a sentence and highlight the points by using a different font and point size.
I used a sketchy font to emphasise my use of had drawn type in my own work. I then printed this on to parcel paper to give it a hand crafted feel.

I found this really helpful as I based my decision on my partners strengths and style as a designer, which was a far less biased and more professional way to do it.
My partner is Baljeet, I am really happy with this decision. Her strengths are exactly what I was looking for and I think that they will compliment mine. Baljeet works a lot in type and layout, whereas I like working mostly with image or type as image. She is also skilled in Photoshop and InDesign, where my software knowledge lies in Illustrator.
We both like packaging, promotion and print based design so hopefully we will have the same views when choosing a brief. We have already established that we hate the same one though, which is a good sign.

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