Sunday, 9 December 2012

Finalising Escobar Cantina

Mounting and putting everything up in Escobar Cantina with Will has been really time consuming, and has meant working unsociable hours, as we had to wait for the restaurant to close and work through the night. Over the past week we have been there most nights and it has been a right pain, dealing with the not so greatest clients in the world. We mounted and finished everything off, only for them to say AFTERWARDS that they didnt like the colour of the wall, so we started again, resulting in us not finishing until 7am on Saturday!

However, me and Will are very pleased with the turn out, especially the map. The sugar skulls however, were originally meant to be in steel frames, but we couldn't get around hanging them up and making sure they were secure enough, especially with the limited time. Personally, I also feel that the blue background doesnt match up too well, but the clients insisted that they wanted this to add more colour.

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