Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Secret London... Website development

I have started to draw up my scamps on Illustrator.

I started by following the scamp quite accurately, but I think that it will look better with just the buttons down the left hand side, and the smaller links at the top of the page.

I have used a light grey colour to go with my Secret London branding. This colour scheme also keeps to the original, but making it much lighter and appealing to look at.

I have added some initial text to the home page just for layout purposes for now, I will probably end up editing this.

Taking influence from the London Tube map, I have drawn up some of the separate pages of the website. I have kept to my initial colour scheme, with the logo at the top and the button changing colour when it is selected.

I think the logo looks far better without the type, so I'm going to leave the header separate. 

In the top right I have added a search bar, this will make it easier to navigate around the site as their is a large amount of content. I have also added links for the home page, contact, discussion forum (more details of this will be displayed in the homepage, and the index page, which is another element to make the site more user friendly. 

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