Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Secret London... Digital advertisement

I have mocked up some stills for my digital advertisement. I have do one frame per second, as it will be five seconds long.

I think they are looking good, but it seems top heavy before the title comes in. I will either be close up and  zoom out as the title comes in, or keep the title throughout.

I think that having the title from the start works well and evens the composition out. It also gives the viewer longer to take in the heading and website.

I have experimented with the other colours from all categories to if they could also work... perhaps having a range and they vary across different advertising spaces.

Some colours are too light... pink, grey and light green. The colours I like best are the red, burgundy, blue and turquoise. These colours look good as a set as well.

These are the four that I will propose on my boards.

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