Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Good is...

My rational for today...

Today we did an exercise with Fred that totally opened up my idea and gave it so many more possibilities. I now have a lot more research to do but I feel like I have more direction.

From these categories we were told to take the most fitting word or statement for each one, I am not entirely happy with mine as I felt a bit rushed and I would like to give them some deeper thought before I finalise the list for tomorrow.

Here is my list so far...

What makes it good? 
Every process has a story and meaning behind it.
Who would find it good?
African tribes people.
Who wouldn't find it good?
Certain religious groups.
What is it better than?
Body modification in the western world that has no meaning behind it.
If it was a profession what would it be?
Tattoo artist/ Piercer.
If it was a celebrity who would it be?
Naomi Campbell.
If it was a place where would it be?
If it was an event what would it be?
Notting Hill carnival.
If it was a product what would it be?

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